Recently, I traded in my old Canon analogue SLR for a new Canon EOS300D and Iím still getting used to it. I kept the 300mm lens which I sometimes use as it distances me from flowers so that any butterflies or other insects are not disturbed. I generally hand hold for focusing, taking several shots using aperture priority to control depth of field. The standard 28-55mm lens serves me well but I am considering buying a 28-300mm lens to avoid having to use two lenses. I use Photo Express to process images.


My long-standing interest in wildflowers has led me to write a book on the poetry and prose of common wildflowers, though I have not found a publisher yet. This anthology is not a guide to wildflowers but an attempt to capture some of their charms, so my pictures are a balance between close-up shots while giving a rough indication of the plantís overall structure. Most of the pictures are taken in an around Nottinghamshire with many growing in my (developing) seven acre wildflower meadow. Itís mostly grass at the moment though Hay Rattle is being used to control this.

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