I currently use a Sony DSC-f717 after first trying a Nikon Coolpix 885 which inexplicably died after just 11 months of fairly light use. This was replaced by Nikon for a Coolpix 4300 which was a fine camera and very small and easy to use. However after seeing the Sony at the airport while waiting for my plane I was very impressed with the specification, the biggest plus points being the swivel lens, the superb optics of the carl ziess lens, the excellent 2cm macro focusing ability and a big improvement over the Nikon was the 14bit processor rather than 8bit, also the battery seems to last for ever. On my return home after my holiday I sold the Nikon and purchased the Sony and I have taken well over 8000 images with it so far and I am convinced that this camera is unbeatable for this type of photography. I also use a Sony HVL-f1000 flashgun which can be used off camera.
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