I have a Canon EOS 10D digital SLR camera body, on which I use a Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens, (closest focusing distance 0.31mtr.) or a Sigma 70 300mm f/4 5.6 APO Super 2 zoom lens (closest focusing distance at 300mm macro, approximately 0.70 mtr.)I also have a Canon EOS 5 35mm film camera body on which I can use both these lenses. (It is, however, worth noting that when these lenses are used on the EOS 10D camera, which has x 1.6 mag, the 100mm becomes a 160mm, & the 70-300mm becomes a 112- 480mm focal length.) I also use an angle finder on the viewfinder for low level viewing, a remote control & of course a tripod.


For ultra close up work at the moment, I use a Canon A1 body, 35-70mm macro lens with an assortment of extension tubes on a focusing rack.


I have a Canon S45 Power Shot compact digital camera which I use for location and general snap shots.


This type of photography is very new to me, but Im sure I will enjoy learning about it. It will certainly be a challenge to reach and maintain the high standard of images on the British Wild Flower site.

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