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Bill Baker
Howard Blackie
David Brookman
Graham Calow
Marion Chappell
Sean Cole
Dave Cree
John Crellin
Anthony Culley
Roger Darlington
Tony Davison
Mike Doughty-Lee
Dean Eades

David Earl
Kevin Elsby
David Fenwick
David Ferguson
Peter Follett
Nick Franklin
Steve Gale
Peter Gateley
Andrew Green
Keith Hatton
Valerie Hill
Steve Hopkins
James Hunter
Dave James
Josh Jones

Steven Jones
Graeme Kay
Maria Knowles
John Law
Mark Lynes
Janet Macpherson
John Martin
Margaret McCormick
Dave Mitchell
Damien Money
Kenneth Noble
Malcolm Plant
Chris Pogson
Kevin Priestley

Tristan Reid
Alan Rymer
Paul Shannon
Phil Smith
John Somerville
Roger Snowden
Dean Stables
Colin Stevens
Jill Thornley
Tony Usher
Peter Wakeham
Jim Woods
Sheila Wynn
Chris Yeates
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